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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:36 pm

So your friendly neighborhood Admin/pseduo storyteller (This is my first attempt at running a game, feel free to smack me upside my head if/when I fail at something, you might even get XP for it) works Wednesday through Sunday and weirdish hours at that. On top of it, I work in outside sales, so as the week progresses, I often grow more anti social and less interested in handling Adminishy things. What this means for you is that Monday and Tuesdays will see a flurry of hardcore Admining and an attempt to build up enough momentum to push things along for the rest of the week.

But if you need critical plot points addressed poke me at any time and I'll get to them quicker if needful. I might be slow but I won't ignore ya all.

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