Character sheets up and some notes on the Computers knowledge.

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Character sheets up and some notes on the Computers knowledge.

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:57 pm

Ok... everyone who is active should have a forum up and sheets visible. If not let me know please.

XP. Everyone will have some XP to spend at the end of the month. A generous amount to make up for the game getting off to a slow start.

The Computers knowledge. Your character can do that one of two different ways. *IF* you've got the right backstory and good reasons you can start building honest to Adolf mechanical computers of the era. Gonna take some work to convince staff of this but it is doable if you want. OR it can be a stand in for radio telecommunications. As a ham radio op, I'll be the final judge on just what you can do with radio knowledge. As computers and radio knowledge both were very hands on build things up from scratch, you'll also need crafting to match your skill level, and for computers over two and radio over three you'll also need at least metallurgy three, science three and academics three. To get Computers/Radio four and above you must have matching academics and science with at least one appropriate specialty. If you want your PC to take the Computer/Radio skill please drop me a line and we'll work out appropriate specialties and whatever else you need to acquire it.

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