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A few changes Empty A few changes

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:08 pm

First off I dropped the idea of cross genre. Too much like work. And most folks wanted to play vampire. That's cool, I did as well.

Second... we have a prince. Everyone say high to Madeira Clayborne. She's a Malk, so be careful. They are crazy.

Third... I can't bloody figure out how to make a private forum for each PC with their character sheets and what not. When I do, I will. If anyone knows PHPBB better than I do, tell me and I'll give you the magic keys and 25 XP.

Fourth.. the game will start a couple of days before the evacuation of Dunkirk. The following articles are pretty much required reading to get a handle on the game. Battle of Dunkirk Evacuation of Dunkirk and Dunkirk all play for the moment is soft. Go poke around, feel out the area, kill a few Nazis, make the Malk go crazier, whatever. At some point in the near future (like once I've scared up a few more PC's and made a couple of NPC's) I will want each PC to describe what their character is doing as the British Army evacuates Dunkirk. Do you help with the evac? Do you stay behind, do you go to England, whatever....


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