Welcome to some new PC's and a few other observations

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Welcome to some new PC's and a few other observations Empty Welcome to some new PC's and a few other observations

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:25 am

We've had a nice small influx of new and talented players. This is always pleasant, and I've had a lot of fun talking over character concepts with a couple.

This is an invite only forum, please don't post ads elsewhere mentioning this place.

This is my first attempt to run a game, and I'm sure it shows. So far folks have been pretty patient with my bungling, and AST's Brunehilde and Mengele have been a huge help with the finer points of game mechanics, and PHPBB maintenance respectively. The first I'm still learning, the second is slowly coming back to me....

Anyway there was a point to all this. Yes, if you have a friend or know someone who might want to play here, drop me a line for approval. Real life of course always comes first, and we all have our interesting doses of it. This means I'm not able to handle a huge influx of players, and I'm only interested in finding ones who can work with the little group we have here already.

Also, 10 xp for referring new PC's who are active for at least a month.

Ok, back you your regularly scheduled madness. We've got a murderous mortal, WWII going on under our noses, a crashed RAF pilot running about, a cranky wraith, and of course Sabbat running around. Have fun!

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